It’s not just for celebrities, footballers and pop stars! Our Personal Trainers are your fitness guides, your support network and your cheerleaders all in one.

Personal training is for you if you are:

Not seeing results fast enough
Lacking motivation
Wanting to train for that special event or occasion
Bored of the same routine
Recovering from injury
Having a hard time sticking with a programme.

Our Philosophy

We know that you can reach your goals, and we want to help you do that. But we also want you to feel happier, more confident and enjoy life more every day on a long-term basis. So we focus on making sustainable changes, while we help you reach your goals. You’ll be surprised at how small changes can make such a big difference to your life.

Our programmes

In traditional gyms, you might focus on different areas of your body – or perhaps even just one area. At Everybody Health & Fitness, we believe that what you do in the gym should directly translate to your everyday life. We work with revolutionary movement pattern based programmes, designed to strengthen and support your entire body. So you will end up not only looking great, but feeling great – for life.

Make your first small change resulting in a big difference now by calling us on 01760 722122 (Swaffham) 01366 386447 (Downham Market) to arrange your free trial or email ash@everybodyhealthandfitness.co.uk

Ashley Gilbert
Proprietor & Personal Trainer

His award-winning coaching practices have been developed through vast experience, significant practical application, and an intense desire to work towards his greatest potential, both as an athlete and a coach. His coaching experience is considerable: coaching throughout all age ranges, in a variety of settings, across all abilities.

As the Proprietor of Everybody Health & Fitness and ongoing Health & Fitness Advisor to EHF Velopro, Ash knows how to apply his knowledge and understanding successfully to a wide range of disciplines.

His coaching philosophy is that nothing worthwhile is ever accomplished without hard work; that most people dream of the glory of accomplishment, but few revel in the development of fundamental skills of their chosen sport. He believes every aspiring athlete should learn to love developing these fundamentals, as these are the platform from which all great performances stem.

As an experienced endurance athlete; he believes each training session, as with every day of your life, should be lived with a purpose designed to help you constructively work towards your greatest potential.

His coaching will leave you feeling excited, energised, and looking for more. Whether you are looking to finish you first marathon, first ultra or multi-day event, to compete at the top level or to simply stay focused and improve your current performance, Ash can get you there.

The fundamentals of endurance sports
Planning for sports development
Theory and methodology of training
Sports and exercise nutrition

Training for peak performance
Sports and exercise nutrition

Strength training and peaking & tapering for amateur to professional sport
Qualifications include
BA Hons. Sports and Leisure Management
Level 3 Planning for Sports Development
Level 3 Theory and Methodology of Training
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 2 Fundamentals of Sport Psychology
Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor
Jordans Fitness Kettlebell Instructor
Group Indoor Cycling Instructor
Jennifer Gilbert
Partner & Personal Trainer

Jennifer Gilbert, the Managing Partner at EHF Swaffham, is a Level 3 Personal Trainer and certified Nutrition and Weight Management Consultant who believes in building your best body from the inside out. Returning after an extended maternity leave, Jen is keen to expand her knowledge and understanding in older adults and prenatal /postnatal exercise.

Jen is a Mum, a wife and a friend. And we think she’s fantastic at all three! Her unique approach to fitness and food can be attributed to having tackled her own health challenges – hormonal imbalances, food sensitivities, and twice eliminating the demands and results of pregnancy – and transforming these into a positive philosophy and dynamic training system.

Her system is based on the blueprint of functional training, with a focus on developing core strength and overall stability while creating lean muscle. Jen’s workouts are fun and motivating, yet challenging, and customised to maximise results!

Theory and methodology of training
Sports and exercise nutrition
Pre and postnatel exercise
Training for fat loss
Qualifications include
Level 3 Personal Training
Advanced sports and exercise nutritional advisor
Leisure Operations
Group Indoor Cycling Instructor
First Aid

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